How do I solve the next not found error
4 points by Cipher22 336 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I'm just trying out the features i really love your work and I'm trying to deploy mine
2 points | jamala 289 days ago[‒]
sry, only a test
2 points | joe 310 days ago[‒]
hmm, do `npm install` I guess
3 points | Cipher22 308 days ago[‒]
I have tried but I discovered that next is not installed in my system so I tried to install it but it keeps breaking I don't know if anybody has built it's particular clone of hacker news maybe the person can help me out
1 point | Bigdaddy 259 days ago[‒]
There are methods
-2 points | techmint 330 days ago[‒]