HeckarNews FAQ

Are there rules about submissions and comments?

Newsguidelines page

How are items ranked?

The basic algorithm divides points by a power of the time since an item was submitted.

How is a user’s karma calculated?

The number of upvotes on their items and comments minus the number of downvotes.

Why don’t I see down arrows?

There are no down arrows on items. They appear on comments after users reach a certain karma threshold.

What kind of formatting can you use in comments?

Formatting options page

How do I submit a question?

Use the submit link in the top bar, and leave the url field blank.

How do I make a link in a question?

You can’t. This is to prevent people from submitting a link with their comments in a privileged position at the top of the page. If you want to submit a link with comments, just submit it, then add a regular comment.

In my profile, what does showdead do?

If you turn it on, you’ll see all the items and comments that have been killed by moderators.

How do I reset my password?

If you have an email address in your profile, request a password reset here. If you haven’t, email me@krehwell.com for help.